Custom Orders

Custom Designs

Did you find something you love? But maybe you wanted a different colour colour combo or less beads and more shells!

Well custom orders are my specialty! Creating a personal aesthetic to suit your own style and space is something I really love to do. 

Send me a direct message on instagram @evielovesmay or an email to I'd love to hear from you and would be more than happy to discuss with you your preferences.

Further details on custom orders:

Once we have confirmed the design and payment is made, you will be added to my custom order list. I make my way down the list. I usually only accept 5-7 custom orders per week. If the slots are full for that week I advise you and let you know that you'll be placed in the following slot and so on.

If you need your custom order done and received by a certain time please advise me so we can discuss a suitable turn around time.

When the design is confirmed, your custom order will be added to the Collections Section under Custom Orders, find your name and add the listing to your cart and proceed to the check out, remember to add anything else you wanted to buy to the cart before checking out to save on postage fees.

***Once your order has been paid for, only then you'll be added to the custom book to commence the custom piece. So be sure not to leave it too long or you might miss out on that weeks spot.